Install PX-Backup on-premises

Install PX-Backup on-premises

  1. If you are installing PX-Backup alone – without Portworx Enterprise – skip this step. If you want to install PX-Backup with Portworx Enterprise , you must first Install Portworx, then create the following storage class on your Kubernetes cluster:

    kind: StorageClass
        name: portworx-sc
        repl: "3"
  2. Generate the install spec through the PX-Backup spec generator.

    If you are using Portworx for the PX-Backup installation, select the Use storage class checkbox under the Configuration section of the Spec Details tab of the spec generator and enter the name of the storageclass you created in step 1 above.

  3. Using Helm, add the Portworx Enterprise repo to your cluster and update it:

    helm repo add <repo-name> && helm repo update
  4. Install PX-Backup using either the helm set command or the values.yml file provided in the output of the Complete tab of the spec generator.

    You can find more information about the PX-Backup Helm chart in the reference article.

Configure external OIDC endpoints

If you enabled an external OIDC during the PX-Backup installation, you must manually configure the redirect URI in your OIDC provider.

Refer to the Set up login redirects section of the Portworx Enterprise documentation for instructions.

Last edited: Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022