Create a backup

Once you’ve created any backup rules and schedule policies you want, you can use them to create a backup.

  1. From the PX-Central home page, select the Backup button for the cluster you want to back up:

  2. Select the namespaces and apply label selectors to filter the resources you want to back up:

  3. Select the Backup button:

  4. From the dialog box, specify the following:

    • Backup name: the name of the backup you want displayed in the PX-Backup UI
    • Destination location: which bucket you want to store your backups onto
    • Now or Schedule: run the backup immediately or choose a schedule policy to associate with this backup
    • Pre-exec rule: any rules you want to execute before the backup runs
    • Post-exec rule: any rules you want to execute after the backup runs
    • Backup labels: any labels you want to attach to the backup once it’s created

Once you’ve created your backup, you can monitor its status.

Last edited: Friday, May 1, 2020