Restore from a backup

You can restore backups to the cluster you created it from, or to a new cluster.

  1. From the PX-Central home screen, Select the Backup button associated with your cluster:

  2. Select the Backups tab to view a list of all the backups:

  3. Select the vertical menu icon from the successful backup you wish to restore, followed by the Restore option.

  4. From the dialog box, specify the following:

    • Name: name your restore object. You’ll use this to identify the restore operation in the PX-Central UI.
    • Destination cluster: select the cluster you want to restore your backup to. This can be a different cluster from where the backup occurred.
    • Default restore: PX-Backup restores backups to the same namespaces they were taken from.
    • Custom restore: You can deselect source namespaces using the checkbox on the left. If you deselect a namespace, content from that namespace will not be restored.
      • Dest namespace: specify a namespace on the target cluster you want to restore this backup to. If the namespace does not exist, PX-Backup will try to create it.
    • Replace existing resources: replaces any matching existing resources with the content from this backup.

Once you’ve restored your backup, you can monitor its status.

Last edited: Friday, May 1, 2020