1. add the cluster to PX-Backup

    1. In PX-Backup, Select Add Cluster
    2. From this page, enter the cluster details:

      1. Name the cluster
      2. Retrieve the Kubeconfig from your cluster and paste it in the Kubeconfig text frame
      3. Select the Others radio button from the Kubernetes Service
      4. Select the Submit button

  2. On your cluster, set environment variables for Stork containing your Azure tenant ID, client ID, and client secret:

    kubectl create secret generic -n kube-system px-azure --from-literal=AZURE_TENANT_ID=<tenant> \
                                                        --from-literal=AZURE_CLIENT_ID=<appId> \
    kubectl set env --from=secret/px-azure deploy/stork -n kube-system

Last edited: Tuesday, May 19, 2020