Configure a backup location

  1. From the home page, select Settings, Cloud Settings to open the cloud settings page.

    cloud settings

  2. Under Backup Locations, select Add New.

    add new backup location

  3. Populate the fields:

    • Name: specify the name with which backup location will show in PX-Central
    • Cloud Account: choose the cloud account credentials that this backup location will use to create backups
    • Path: specify the path of the bucket that this backup location will place backups into
    • Encryption key (Optional): enter the optional encryption key to encrypt your backups in-transit
    • Endpoint: with the URL of your cloud storage server or provider
    • Disable SSL: select this option if your on-prem S3-compliant object store does not support SSL/TLS

    configre backup location

Last edited: Friday, May 1, 2020