Create a backup rule

  1. From the PX-Central dashboard, select Settings, Rules:

  2. Select Add new:

  3. Build your rule by populating the fields:

    • Rule Name: Enter a descriptive name for your rule
    • Pod selector: Enter any label selectors based on your pod’s labels. For example, app = mysql uses the app label to select pods running mysql. Use any of the equality-based selector operators.
    • Action: Enter any commands you want to execute when the rule is triggered.
    • Background: Enable this if you want the rule to run in the background.
    • Run in single pod: Run this rule in a single pod.

  4. Select the + Add icon to add more sub-rules:

  5. Select the Add button to create the rule:

Once you’ve created a rule, you’re ready to associate it with a backup.

Last edited: Friday, May 1, 2020